Styles of Headshots

If you are looking for a new headshot to represent you and your brand, its worth spending a little time choosing the right style of image. With headshots appearing on your own website and printed material as well as LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media, you want an image that will portray you and your brand in the best possible way. Of course there are millions of different styles of headshots. However, from the assignments that we have been commissioned for, the style tends to fall into a few distinct categories. Below is a guide to the most common headshot styles. These can all be tweaked or we can create an original concept for you.

Styles of Headshots – The Cinematic Headshot.

Cinematic Headshot Photography London

The Cinematic Headshot is a environmental image which uses the surroundings as its backdrop. The background is blurry giving a nondescript look. The image is lit with flashes to give a real pop to the image while reflectors bring light and life to the eyes. The Cinematic Headshot can be photographed indoors or outdoors at anytime of year. The image below was shot on a cold January day with sandbags stopping the wind from blowing over the light stands. A great modern alternative to the studio look, as the backgrounds look different in every image, this look can be replicated throughout a large organisation.

Styles of Headshots – The Environmental Headshot

Environmental Headshots

Often using a mix of natural light and studio flashes, the environmental headshot is a warm and welcoming style of headshot. Using the environment as its background, these headshots can be captured in your office, a conference or even a clients home.

Styles of Headshots – The High Key (White Background) Headshot

White Background (High Key) Business Headshots

A timeless classic! The pure white background is our most popular look for headshots. Many of our large corporate clients with offices across different countries favour this style as it can be replicated throughout the organisation. With a relatively simple set up, we can create this look in any environment. The finished image will match your existing headshots and be easily replicated by our photographers across your company.

Styles of Headshots – Headshot on a Grey Background

Professional Headshots with a grey background

Another replicable studio style of headshot. Shot on location in your office or any convenient location. Popular with our corporate professional services clients. These are ideal for use on LinkedIn and other social media as they have a crisp background that stands out. As with all solid backgrounds, grey is an easy colour to remove for a transparent background for print or online use.

Styles of Headshots – Headshot on a Black Background

Styles of Headshots

Black is a bold choice for a headshot. With a more dramatic feel, these images certainly stand out. Low Key images have a strong impact. Again this is a look that can be replicated over additional shoots to give a unified look for you and your company.

This is by no means an complete list. We create unique styles of headshot based on the client brief. Contact us on 020 7205 4543 or 01275 568 669

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