Recruitment Consultant Headshots

Telematics Recruitment, is a specialist recruiter of professionals to the Telematics market. Based just outside Bristol, they asked us to update their recruitment consultant headshots with images to be used across their marketing and social media platforms. David Willcock, Director at Telematics choose a cinematic style for his headshot for a more impactful image. Before becoming a headshot photographer, I had a 8 year career in recruitment so it was great to meet someone that was still in that sector. David was very natural in front of the camera and his session was very swift.

Professional headshots are especially important for a business sector like recruitment. The public perceived image of a recruitment consultant isn’t always very favourable. People imagine aggressive sales people and questionable ethics. Professional headshot photography help clients and candidates alike to see the people behind the brand and build relationships based on trust.

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David Willcock from Telematics Recruitment Professional Headshot Photography - Recruitment consultants headshots If you are looking for Headshot Photography for yourself or your colleagues, contact ‘Headshots UK’ on 07903 798755 and we can talk you through the options available.

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