Headshots UK specialise in photographing professional headshots for business. We work with large corporate clients through to professional individuals all looking for impactful professional headshots for use online and in print. Photographing across the UK, we take time to understand the image you would like to portray both of you as an individual and of your company.

Professional Headshots - Business headshot of a professional

Professional Headshots throughout the UK

We love photographing people. Our approach to headshots is threefold:

  • Subtle posing. Lots of people feel uncomfortable in front of a camera. They’re not sure where to look, how to sit or stand and generally feel uneasy. However we use subtle posing techniques so that everybody looks their best and knows what to do.
  • We also do our best to help people relax. Making people laugh or generally talking about anything other than being photographed really helps put people at ease.
  • Flattering lighting. We use very soft lighting which makes everyone look amazing.

Professional Headshots - Cinematic Headshot of female business professional

We work with a large range of organisations to create headshots that represent their brand in online platforms such as company websites, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media. Today, more than ever, your image online needs to be the best it can be. First contact is so often made online and that first impression is key.

We can either work quickly if you have limited time available or can spend more time with each person to help them fully relax and perfect the images. It’s up to you. From the unlimited number of images taken at the shoot, you will be able to view your images online and your selected images will be naturally retouched. We also have male or female photographers available.

Professional Headshots - Dramatic Headshot of a professional

If you have any questions about Headshot Photography, call us on 01275 568669 and we will be happy to talk through any questions you may have. You can also use the contact link above and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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