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Specsavers are the UK’s largest high street opticians, selling spectacles, contact lenses and hearing aids. The group was launched in 1984 on the island of Guernsey. The group has over 1,400 stores with 26,000 employees. As well as stores in the UK, they are present in the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Spain and most recently Australia and New Zealand. The company ventured into hearing services in 2002. Their Hearing Centres division provides hearing tests and hearing aids within the Specsavers optical stores providing services from more than 400 locations.

Specsavers approached Headshots UK to photograph over 600 of their franchisee’s and senior members of staff. The most effective way to photograph everyone was at regional conferences across the UK and Republic of Ireland. These conferences started at 9.30 in the morning so each photographer set up, photographed everyone and left before the conference started. With a pre-existing style of image on Specsavers website, each photographer needed to ensure each headshot matched the style.

In addition to photographing almost 600 people across multiple locations during a 2 week period, we also delivered the images with each colleagues name and location included. For Head Office, this was invaluable so they could identify key staff members and franchisees on their internal system.

Headshots London Headshots London Headshots London Headshots London

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