Headshot Photography Styles

At Headshots UK we offer 2 distinct style of headshot photographs. Just let us know when you book which style you would like.

Environmental Headshots

With people increasingly available online and via social media the impressions given by their headshot photographs are more important than ever. Environmental Headshots are becoming very popular as they give a more relaxed, approachable feel which many people feel makes them appear more natural. The images are photographed with a shallow depth of field to create a blurry background and ensure the focus is on the person being photographed.  We can use a wide variety of things for the background such as a feature wall, the general office environment, a nearby outside space.  You can see more examples of our environmental headshots here

Headshot Photography Styles

Studio Style Headshots

Studio Style Headshot Photography is striking and eye catching. It also has the advantage that we can create a uniform, consistent style to the images across multiple locations.  We bring with us a solid background and you can choose from white, grey or black. You can see more examples of our studio headshot photographs here

Headshot Photography Styles

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