Headshot Photography London

Headshot photography London for a private equity firm. Landmark Partners is a private equity and real estate investment company specialising in secondary funds. Formed in 1989, the firm has one of the longest track records in the industry and is a leading source of liquidity to owners of interests in venture, mezzanine, buyout, and real estate limited partnerships. Ninety-five percent of their total capital is committed to secondary products. The remaining capital is committed to our co-investment, fund-of-funds, and growth capital programs.

Landmark have office on Jermyn Street right in the heart of London. Jermyn Street is famous for menswear and is full of great male grooming shops and only meters away from Piccadilly Circus! We were invited in to Landmark to replicate the headshot style of their colleagues baed in the US. Utilising a ‘High Key’ look, we took over the small board room and photographed a few key people. I love finding out what companies do and it was a pleasure to talk with everyone that was photographed about the company.

Headshot Photography London Headshot Photography London

Headshot Photography London


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