Case Study – Genuine Dining

The Genuine Dining Company are a fast growing catering and hospitality company. Their interests span hotels, events, on-site catering and Venue Management such as Pinewood and Shepperton Studios. Chris Mitchell their co-owner and Managing Director asked Headshots UK to not only provide Headshot Photography but a range of images for PR and Event Photography. Genuine Dining had just taken over the hospitality at Pinewood Studios. They now manage the main on-site cafe, the restaurant in Heatherden Hall as well as the weddings which take place there through out the year. They asked us to photograph their headshots using one of the main dining rooms at Heatherden Hall as the background.

Headshot Photography in London Pricing

Headshots for Genuine Dining were styled to incorporate the style of Heatherden Hall

To help to promote their event business, we photographed two separate events at two locations (The Orangery at Shepperton Studios and Heatherden Hall at Pinewood). The images were utilised on internal and external websites as well as print media.

Event Photography London from Headshots UK

Following their take over of the catering and weddings at Shepperton Studios, Genuine held an event to showcase the amazing venue.

Event Photography in London for Corporate clients and catering companies

The event at Heatherden Hall was stunning with the main and secondary hall decorated to showcase the venue.

PR Images for Catering Company Genuine Dining

In addition to Headshots, we also provided Genuine with a range of images for their marketing materials

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