Corporate photographer – Photographing Teams

As a corporate photographer it is increasingly commonplace to photograph all of the employees within a company and not just the senior management. Social media and especially LinkedIn means that now more than ever your employees should be representative of your brand and corporate image. If companies value their employees enough for them to be photographed professionally then it says a lot about that company’s credibility and trustworthiness. Corporate photographer

We have photographed teams from SME’s up to companies with multiple locations and hundreds of employees. We offer a straight forward headshot pricing structure based on the length of the session(s).

We can photograph either at your office, at one of our regional locations or at an event. We have photographers available nationwide so even if you have locations spread across the country we can ensure that all important consistency to the images.

Photographing at Events

The logistics of photographing teams of people can be tricky as employees are rarely all in one place at the same time. A solution to this is to ask us to come along to an event to photograph as many employees as possible at one time. Some companies ask for employees to be photographed during breaks whilst others prefer for teams to be allocated time slots throughout the day. We also have teams of photographers so can arrange for multiple photographers to attend your event if that helps.

Prices start at £450 for 4 hours and typically includes 1 image per person. We can photograph people very quickly or take more time to help people relax in front of the camera.

Photographing New Joiners

A very popular service we offer is our Express headshots. These allow you to have any new joiners photographed for an affordable price of £99 per person. They are held approximately every 6 weeks in our regional locations (London City, London West End, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol & Cardiff). This means you don’t have to book us in for a full session every time someone joins your team. To book a space near you click here

If you are thinking of booking us to photograph your team please call us on 01275 568669 so we can chat through the options and what would be best for you. Alternatively fill in the form below and we will call you back as soon as possible