Author Headshot – Do you need one?

Why would you need an author headshot? It has nothing to do with how good their book is, so do they really need one? At Headshots UK we may be a little biased but undoubtedly we would say a huge YES!

A good author headshot will portray more about you in 2 seconds than an entire article in a literary review. In today’s social media world you often don’t get to meet people face to face so the only impression people have of you is what you put online. If you use a snap from a recent holiday, what does it say about your creativity or how much you care about your literary career? Literary agents are known to give more attention to authors who they feel are more ready for publicity.

From a readers perspective, when selecting a book to read people tend to get drawn in by the front cover (whether they admit it or not) and the blurb on the back. However they also have a few authors in a mental list whose books they like to read. Developing relationships between an author and his or her reader by making their books and persona more memorable is key to getting their name on those precious readers lists. A good headshot on the book cover can be vital to being remembered (along with good PR and a really good book!)

Your headshot can say a lot about the types of books that you write. For instance, if you write thrillers your headshot could use more dramatic lighting or a more mysterious expression. Whereas if you write romantic novels you might prefer images photographed outside which have a softer, more relaxed feel.

An example of an author headshot we have photographed recently is Cecilia Ekback whose debut novel Wolf Winter is being extremely well received. She wanted photographs to put onto the book cover as well as online sources such as twitter, literary reviews, bookshops and also with her agent. As her book is a thriller she wanted the images to use a dark background to reflect the serious nature of her book.

Here is one of the images we created for her.

Author Headshot Photography

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